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Maya Name Helpers

Quickly rename dozens or HUNDREDS of objects at the click of a button! 

A quick way to rename many objects at once, including adding prefixes, suffixes, and replacing elements as required.

- Easily name multiple assets at once.

- Easily add, remove or replace elements in names.

- Quickly add or remove prefixes and suffixes.

- Easily convert between camelCase and underscore_naming

- Docks with the Maya GUI.


Compatibility Note: 

Will not work on Maya versions below 2017.




For Maya 2022 use the A3dNameHelper_Maya2022.py script.

For Maya 2019 and below use A3dNameHelper.py



1) Copy the python script for your Maya version to your Documents\maya\<YOUR_MAYA_VERSION>\scripts\ directory.

Maya 2020 and below:


Maya 2022:


2) Run Maya

3) Run the following command in the Python script editor to run the tool:

Maya 2020 and below:

import A3dNameHelper

Maya 2022:

import A3dNameHelper_Maya2022

4) By default the tool will be docked on the right of the viewport.

5) Optional shelf button code:

# Make a Python shelf button with the following code to show the window each time it's clicked:

Maya 2020 and below:

import A3dNameHelper


Maya 2022:

import A3dNameHelper_Maya2022



Note on naming:

- camelCaseNaming is used by Maya as a default, and can be nice and compact while

remaining easy to read.

- using_underscores_in_names makes the name longer, but can be useful if you want to

check parts of the name for specific prefixes or suffixes, similar to how you can use

the suffixes _low and _high in many baking programs to identify meshes.

- Keeping filenames lowercase and using underscores can be useful if your system is

case sensitive.

- Systematically using prefixes can keep your projects neat and organized!


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Maya Name Helpers

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