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ZBrush Batch Operations

*Tested with ZBrush 2021*

* NOT compatible with ZBrush 2019 and below.*

A collection of scripts designed to speed up the process of getting your sculpts ready for baking, all under one convenient main menu location. 

  • Batch name subtools.
  • Append suffixes to all subtools automatically.
  • Find, replace and remove parts of subtools names for easy cleanup. 
  • Batch random colors for color IDs.
  • ... and more!

The dockable tools.

Name Tools:

  • Rename All tool: Names all subtools with a common name and a numerator, eg: Part_01
  • Append Suffix too: Easily add a suffix to all your meshes to assist name matching in your baking software. 

Quickly append suffixes to all of your subtools.

  • Remove from name tool: Easily remove common elements from the tails of your subtool names, eg remove "_low" from imported geometry using find and replace. 
  • Rename subtools after parent folder- quickly give subtools unique, clean names that make sense. 

Quickly name subtools after their parent folders. 

Color Tools:

Quickly assign color IDs for your bakes. 

  • Assign random color ID tool: Assigns a random color to each subtool for use in the ID mask. 
  • Assign random color to current subtool. 
  • Assign current color to all subtools. Good for filling all your subtools with an initial color if required. 
  • Random color per folder- good for grouping objects, applies the same random color to all tools that share the same folder. 
  • Reset color / Material - quick way to clear any polypaint or material data you no longer need. 

Mesh Tools:

  • Extract and Quadify: Extracts the masked area and turns it into clean topology automatically.

  • Batch Assign Polygroups - super useful when first importing a base mesh or FBX that already has UVs assigned. This is like going through them one by one and clicking the Polygroup button, only with this time it's a ,  

Apply operations globally or by folder!

  •  Operations can be applied to ALL subtools, or just those that share the same folder with the active tool. 

... and more!


Want more tools? Follow me for updates on what I'm making.




1) Download A3DBatchOps_1.1p.rar

2) Extract it into the ZPlugs64 Folder - by default C:/Program Files/Pixologic/ZBrush 2021/ZStartup/ZPlugs64

3) Restart ZBrush

4) You should see an A3DTools menu appear on the left hand side of the menu bar.

5) Dock it wherever you want, you should be good to go!



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ZBrush Batch Operations

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